September 11th 2001

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These pages are always under construction.
Be very careful! There's drivel at every turn! And Please, if you encounter any problems, errors, missing links (other then my brother) please be sure and report them back to me for correction. Thanks!

Mission :

To establish a global family network dedicated to mutual education, entertainment, and support in an increasingly chaotic world.

After we get that straight we can jump right to phase 2.....World Domination! :-)

The future masters of technology will have to be lighthearted & intelligent.
The Machine easily masters the grim and the dumb.

Marshall Mcluhan 1969

Global Kennettions

Ever have the urge to contact another Kennett? Didn't think so. Nevertheless if you are ever overcome by such an insane desire, and there is no one around to 'talk you down'.... well jump! These links will take you to the Kennettion pages where you will find.....

The Phone Book From Hell
Kennetts on Compuserve
The Ken Nett Work Pioneers
Kennetts Come Lately
Kennetts on the Web

Our Lineage

How about roots? It seems we have plenty and they are of interest to most..... Kennetts anyway.That sense of common lineage is the overriding theme in most communication on the Ken Nett Work. I personally have a greater concern in regard to living Kennetts, they are much more dangerous then the deceased :- ) In any event for those that are curious about our ancestry I would introduce you to Parker Barrington. It seems that the Barringtons and The Kennetts hooked up once before, lending some small credence to the family legend about a pig farmer and a princess.

Parker Barrington's Lineage Link

The Ken Nett Work News

Here you will find a compilation (often less then topical due to the delays inflicted by your host) of contributions and communication intended to be shared with Kennetts world wide. There are some very interesting possibilities and perhaps some potential value if we can ratchet up the level of participation.

The First Issue

Rogues Gallery

Horror heaped upon horror..... Family pictures! Yes indeed, Hot GIFs and Cool JPGs of subject matter not intended for the faint of heart.... Kennetts, family, friends, (is that possible?) pets (much more likely) et al. Don't be afraid.... take a stroll through....

The Gallery

Kennett Stuff

Here is a popori of stuff that has turned up via contribution or as I scoured the Net for Kennetts. Very low standards for inclusion, merely the Kennett name.

Kennett Square PA Mushroom Capital of the World

Where to stay when visiting Kennett Square. Probably some good photo ops in town

The Family Coat of Arms Sorry its only in black and white.

The Drivel Dump Archive of early correspondence on the KenNett Work.

The Christmas Vortex - The unseen forces arrive every holiday

New for 1998 Songs for Computer Geeks.

Just goes to show you what this network is really good for. An assortment of information components found or sent from various corners of the Net assembled here just for grins. Grin size will vary from geek to geek. If you have any friends you might want to check with them to see if this stuff is actually funny. The irony is that as Kennetts, it's unlikely we have any friends. You might want to engage a professional companion and ask them if you should laugh or not.

Eleanor Rigby..... the user...the used
Write in C..... or face extinction?
Yesterday..... recollection of a database lost

Your Host

All or most of the personal claptrap about me and my family and my interests and favorite food and on and on and on.... have been removed from this The KenNett Work Homepage. That is somewhat different then deleted, which ultimately would have been the best choice. In any event for those of you who might be interested or those of you without a life of your own you are welcome to share in mine....

Our Place

My Limb

Last and most assuredly least is My Limb, a pointless, plotless, clueless collection, a cyber collage dealing with the many and varied branches of our family tree.... and the nuts that hang out there. A combination of humor, horror or just genuinely tasteless tales of family lore....I mean after all.... We aint the Freakin Cleavers now are we? Fact? Fiction? Does anyone really care? By The Way... There are some apparently valid genealogical references here for those of you that are interested. Some day I'll organize this place so you wont have to wade through all the ....... never mind, just check it out, go all the way out on....

My Limb

The Christmas Club

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